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My works are the results of decades of my independent history research and my search for the Truth! My original efforts were to find Cycles in man's history and in nature.  My post graduate studies (Northeastern University) included my working for and studying under Mr. Ned Dewey, founder of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, then in Pittsburg, PA..

My books include "The Crusades Again, A History of the Twins", and "Jesus, the Sybil Wonder Child", and two history cycle studies including "America's War and Peace Cycles". History made Useful, via connections and cycles! 

I include several Book Reviews of 'The Crusades Again...' and 'Jesus, the Sybil Wonder Child'. The Table of Contents for the 'Crusades Again' explains how this book is so important to understanding the  true origins of the 'War on Terror'.

As a Caliphate reforms in the Middle East, I expect the 'war on terror' will emerge as the 'Crusades Again...'!  

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Below is the Table of Contents of 'The Crusades Again...' followed by book reviews of the two major books.


Dennis J.Foley. 


               "The Crusades Again"....A History of the 'Twins'.                        

Pg.   1. to    5.             The Introduction  and Definitions of a 'Formation'.                              

Pg.   6.  to   8.            Chapter  1.                The Dates 406 A.D. and 911 A.D..            

Pg.   9. to  13.            Chapter  2.                The ‘Warring Twins’ Pathway.                               

Pg.  14.to 16.             Chapter  3.               The Medici Trinity.           

Pg.  17 to 19.             Chapter  4.                The Founding of the Republic.                

Pg.  20 to 21.             Chapter. 5.                The Founding of Texas, 1836.            

Pg.  22...                     Chapter  6.                Capital City of the South.           

Pg.  23. to  25.           Chapter  7.                The Life Span of Adam. 

Pg.  26. to  29.           Chapter  8.                The Five Dictators: the Year 1933.          

Pg.  30. to  32.           Chapter  9.                The Four ‘K’s, the Peace Makers.      

Pg.  33. to  34.           Chapter 10.               The JFK Assassination Trinity.

Pg.  35.  to 39.           Chapter 11.               What If?  A Participation.               

Pg.  40.  to 43.           Chapter 12.               The Gold Verses Dollar ‘War’.                

Pg.  44.  to 48.           Chapter 13.               The Roman Jewish Wars.              

Pg.  49.  to 53.           Chapter 14.               The Rich, Smart, Short Ones!               

Pg.  54.  to 57.           Chapter 15.               The ‘Al Queda’.                     

Pg   58.  to 61.           Chapter 16.               The Al Zaqahari ‘09-11’ Pentagon.                       

Pg.  62.  to 64.           Chapter 17.               The ‘9th Day of Av’.

Pg.  65.  to 67.           Chapter 18.               The ‘322’ and ‘43’.

Pg.  68.  to 70.           Chapter 19.               Benazar Bhutto, Lady of Liberty!

Pg.  71   to 76.           Chapter 20.               The April 19 to May Day Formation.           

Pg. 77...                     The Bibliography. 



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PDFCycles in Activist Terorist Events in America's History

PDFCycles in Activist Terorist Events in America's History

This is a cycle study in America's history of vioence and terrorist acts...showing there were and are cycles or patterns to the ebb and flow of such events, and that the pace has been...

PDF Cycles in America's War Peace Periods, Past and Present.

PDF Cycles in America's War Peace Periods, Past and Present.

94 pages. This one of a kind War Peace history cycle study 1660 to 2002 concludes with 2 cycles which have predicted the  war surges since 2002 of the Bush Iraq invasion of 2003 and the Obama Afghan surge. 

The 4 and 3.5 Star Reviews of "A History of the 'Twins', the Book of Formations", are as follows:

Review 1-JellyBean.

"The Crusades Again, A History of the Twins" by Dennis Foley is one man's interpretation of various events in the recent and ancient history. Foley's extensive research and knowledge is apparent in the detailed account of such formations as the Great Pyramids, Trinities and most recently, Osama bin Laden's reign. 

Taking into account terrorist activities of theUnited Statesand overseas, Foley explains how the pentagons and rectangles became a part of our past by pre-meditated terrorist acts. His writing style is intricate and requires the reader to delve deep into each word for clear understanding. His detailed account of how each formation appears structurally and by date is commended. It is an eye-opening view of a different perspective on world and terrorist events with both religious and non-religious undertones. 

The variety of content ranges from the lifespan of Adam to the agenda of Adolph Hitler and the JFK assassination. It examines "what if" questions that engages and has the reader thinking of various possibilities, including the existence of crop circles. 

This unique account is worthy of respect for the author's ability to share his thoughts and opinions. It takes the reader on a journey of insight and is a conversation piece. A great read for those who are open to different takes on events of the past and present. 

Review 2- Palmetto Review.

"The Crusades Again, A History of the 'Twins'" by Dennis J Foley is a non-fiction conspiracy book. It is largely about connections: repetitive dates, similar actions spanned between tens of years, trinities, and twins - which by his own definition is: “double names of victims, twin hits, twin dates and numbers based on”- in accordance to historical events.

For example, the JFK and Lincoln assassinations and the connections between them. There is also a major focus on Masonic dealings and theories and their history. The book has many facts about these events and his personal opinions or views on them.

Mr. Foley does thorough research, finding patterns in many events that most would not which is interesting. He packs quite a bit of history into this book, as it is very involved and complex.

Mr. Foley discussed many major events throughout history; this book is definitely for those who are interested in conspiracy theories!


Review 1-Palmetto Review. 

In "Jesus, the Sybil Wonder Child", Dennis J. Foley lays out his theories of combined
history, myth, and perhaps personal assumptions, and draws myriads of parallel
lines between this and the biblical history and principles of early Jewish
religion....I liked reading about so many new ideas, and the book has tons of
historical references that I had never heard of before, and the way that
parallels are drawn between known events and biblical history. Fascinating read, I rate it a 4.0 star!


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